Ecogreen Lake Resort


Eco Green Lake Resort Dandeli offers its visitors a unique woods adventure at the crack of dawn. You start your trek with qualified and skilled guides who know the terrain like the back of their hands after a delicious breakfast. Begin your forest adventure by listening to the squeals and shrieks of birds and arboreal creatures such as Malabar Squirrels. Learn to recognise wild voices from a distance and comprehend what they represent. The guides will lead you up a gradual ascent through large deciduous trees. Teakwood, Arjun, Sal, Peepal, Jamun, Hirda, Behda, Ficus, and many other species are available. Every tree has a unique story to tell. Like the Arjun Tree, which was destroyed by miscreants decades ago, regrew to its former size. The soapnut tree with curled bark appears to be reclining in the wilderness. The enormous teak tree with a hollow trunk houses a variety of animals and birds. When you look above, you won’t see any sun rays since the thick vegetation creates a continuous canopy. The big trees will fascinate children, while adults will enjoy learning about the many varieties. Continue hiking to the crest of the hills for an exquisite panoramic view of the wooded region. You will also notice the gleaming waters of the Supa dam from a distance. Slowly go downward, soaking in the fragrances and sounds of the early morning woodland.