Ecogreen Lake Resort

Rock climbing

If you are searching for some daring Things to Do, we got your back. Eco Green Lake Resort Dandeli facilitates you to go “rock climbing”. The village, located on the banks of the Kali River, is famous for its natural rock formations formed in ancient times from volcanic rocks. Rock climbing has become more pleasurable as a result of these rock formations. Before you begin the activity, you should get advice from a skilled teacher. After tying the equipment to your body, you may start the 20-minute pleasant activity of climbing up or down the rock on a predetermined path. Enjoy the picturesque view of your surroundings as the Kali River flows beneath you.

When you are confident that you have learned what you need to know, begin crossing the river while balancing yourself. The scenario of the river water fast flowing beneath you while you strive to cross it with your power will make the action thrilling.