Ecogreen Lake Resort


Whitewater rafting, the king of water sports, is for people who enjoy the excitement of riding the river currents. EcoGreen Lake Resort Dandeli offers incredibly high-quality robust rafts on hand that will take care of all of your safety needs as you enjoy the adventure. Our qualified and certified rafters take the time to explain the complexities of rafting—rowing, holding on over enormous rapids, floating, and the significance of a safety life jacket and robust helmet. When you go on a voyage that may last up to 14 kilometres across undulating terrain and spectacular rapids, you will frequently skip a pulse and let out a yell because you cannot contain your delight. There is no time to be motionless on the raft so that you may drink in the splashing river and the delight. Once you start riding, the full stretch might take you more than an hour to complete. Remember to take Instagram-worthy photos, film fantastic films, and enjoy the heady experience. The rapids are 1800 feet above sea level and provide a spectacular perspective with lush forests on both sides where you may be lucky enough to see some exotic species such as Hornbills, Sambar Deer, and so on. While pros will appreciate the rafting experience of passing through the river’s untamed terrains, individuals going for the first time will also have a good time. Remember that few individuals have experienced whitewater rafting, so you have a lot to brag about!