Supa Dam

Prepared to be wowed by some breathtaking views as you visit the Supa Dam, viewpoint. Supa Dam, located in Joida Taluk, 18 kilometres from Dandeli, is one of the town’s core hydroelectric power-producing plant. The dam was erected across the Kali River and boasts a beautiful background.

Adore a ride through the dense forest to the Dam named after Suparulu, who is revered by the locals as the God of the Forests. Listen to the rushing sound of the dam water as you approach it to heighten your enthusiasm.

Relax in the peaceful setting, with only the sound of the dam water, and take in the spectacular panorama in front of you. If you want to have some fun, go water scooting or boat riding.

Syntheri Rocks

The Syntheri Rocks, a prominent tourist site located in the centre of Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, is one of the Things to Do in Dandeli.

The rock, named after an English woman named Cinthera who found it, is an example of the exceptional natural beauty created by nature due to an old volcano.

The essence presented by the flowing river Kaneri will undoubtedly fascinate you as you stare at it.

Spend some time in the ideal area surrounded by nature and capture the captivating beauty with your cameras.

Sathodi Falls

The spectacular Sathodi Falls, sometimes called locally “Mini Niagara,” is one of the best things to do in Dandeli.

The 15-meter-long rectangular falls in the Uttara Kannada district of Yellapur, Karnataka, will captivate you with their magnificence.

Experience a half-kilometre woodland trek that will take you 20 minutes to reach the falls. As you walk halfway, you may hear the sound of the cascading waterfall.

When you get to the fall, you may go for a swim or simply relax in the natural pool at the bottom of the fall.

Sykes Point

Visiting Sykes Point at sunset is one of the Things to Do in Dandeli. This breathtaking tourist attraction is title after the British engineer who discovered it on a hunting expedition.

You need to obtain permission from Karnataka Power Corporation Ltd and then trek to the location.

The striking view of the sun setting with the confluence of the Nagzari and Kali rivers in the background will captivate you. You’ll be even more thrilled if you see the enormous hornbills that frequent the area.

While visiting Sykes Point, you may also participate in some fun water sports like rafting, kayaking, or coracle rides.

Anshi National Park

Anshi National Park is one of India’s most beautiful parks. This evergreen tropical park is part of the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary and is stretched across 500 square kilometres of natural reserve in the eco-sensitive Western Ghats of Uttara Kannada district.

The park is also known as a Tiger Reserve, and it is currently known as the Kali Tiger Reserve. You will be mesmerised by the greenery and hundreds of species of wild animals, birds, and reptiles when visiting the park overlooking the Kali river.

The park’s beauty is also reflected in its undulating topography at altitudes ranging from 200 to 900 metres.

Shiroli Peak

The renowned Sahyadri Range and its surrounding mountains will be visible in spectacular detail from Shiroli Peak, which the Eco Green Lake Resort Dandeli invites you to explore.

The highest point in the Uttara Kannada region is Shiroli Summit, and to get there, you’ll need to start a fun walk after getting the Forest Department’s clearance, which is necessary for visiting the peak.

Get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and spend some time on the summit, resting in the tranquil atmosphere and taking in the breathtaking views. Capture the scene with your camera so you can remember it later.

Bird Watching

Dandeli is a haven for all bird enthusiasts around the nation with the profusion of vegetation available.

Not only will you be able to witness some of the stunning resident birds while visiting this scenic town, but you’ll also be able to observe some of the exotic migratory varieties.

Birds like the brahminy kite, broad-billed roller, kingfisher, honeybirds, small spider hunter, orange minivet, great hornbill, woodpecker, and crested serpent eagle may be seen when you engage in bird watching.

During your hikes, safaris through the jungle, and other outdoor activities, keep an eye out for birds. You’ll be pleased to find colourful birds with enchanting calls.

Kavala Caves

If you’re looking for something thrilling to do in Dandeli, consider caving at Kavala Caves.

The Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is home to the caverns, which are said to date back to prehistoric times and were created by a volcano.

The cave is accessible by descending 375 stairs and encountering the stalagmite formations that predominate in Kavala Caves. Feel ecstatic as you ascend tiny stairwells and journey to the cave.

When you get to the cave, you will find it completely dark, with snakes and bats living within.

The cave was formed naturally in the shape of a Shivlinga, and it features a shrine at its entrance.